Fernando Miguel Jalôto

le-miguel_jaloto(Harpsichord, Organ, Artistic Director)

Miguel studied at the Early Music and Historical Performance Practice Department of the Royal Conservatory, the Hague (Netherlands), where he completed the diplomas of "Bachelor of Music" and "Master of Music", studying with J. Ogg. Miguel attended master-classes with G. Leonhardt, O. Baumont, I. Wjuniski, J. Ogg and K. Haugsand, and studied Baroque Organ and Clavichord.

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Joana Amorim

le-joana_amorim(Traverso, Recorder)

Joana studied recorder at Lisbon Conservatory and at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague in the Netherlands, with R. Kanji.  She pursued her traverso studies at this school, first with W. Hazelzet and later with B. Kuijken, obtaining her diploma in 2000.

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Sofia Diniz

le-sofia_klein(Viola da Gamba, Baroque Cello)

Sofia studied dance and music the National Conservatory in Lisbon. and pursued her modern cello studies at Lisbon's Escola Superior de Música. Later, Sofia studied baroque cello and viola da gamba with R. Zipperling at the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne; and viola da gamba with W. Kuijken and Ph. Pierlot at the Hague and Brussels Royal Conservatories.

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Diana Vinagre

le-diana_vinagre(Baroque Cello)

Diana studied modern cello, first in Braga and then in Lisbon, at the National Orchestral Academy, where she was a member of the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa. She has been awarded many different prizes in Portugal, and has participated in Master-classes by A. Nikitin, M. de Macedo, J. Reuling, L. Claret, X. Gagnepain, R. Zipperling, A. Bylsma, E. Wallfisch and B. van Oort.

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