Joana Amorim

le-joana_amorim(Traverso, Recorder)

Joana studied recorder at Lisbon Conservatory and at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague in the Netherlands, with R. Kanji.  She pursued her traverso studies at this school, first with W. Hazelzet and later with B. Kuijken, obtaining her diploma in 2000.

Joana also studied traverso with L. Brunnmayer (Soloist Diploma at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen, Germany) and with M. Hantaï (Master Degree at Aveiro University, Portugal). Joana plays often with the Divino Sospiro Baroque Orchestra, the Segréis de Lisboa and other Portuguese Early Music ensembles, and is a founding member of the Ludovice Ensemble. She has played under the direction of H. Christophers, H. Hazel, B. Kuijken, J. Wentz, Ch. Curnyn, Ph. Pierlot, E. Onofri, M. Hantaï, M. Suzuki and Ch. Banchini, and frequently plays solo recitals with the harpsichordists C. Holtz, F. M. Jalôto and J. Bagulho. Joana has taught recorder and traverso at Lisbon National Conservatory since 2000.



Johann Friedrich Ludwig [Ludovice]



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