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The Lost Splendour


"The program has distinguished itself for the excellence of the content, the coherent design and a justified alignment. The performance of singers and instrumentalists - among them the organist Fernando Jalôto, also responsible for the musical direction - was likewise very good. "

Manuel Pedro Ferreira in Público - 14/12/2011


One inestimable pearl


"The extraordinary Spanish soprano Raquel Andueza raised the understanding of the pieces to an enlightened interpretation, supported by an exquisite taste based on elegant articulation, and a controlled healthy vibrato. Miguel Jalôto's resourcefulness was manifest through the greatest accuracy and gracefulness, ingenious ornamentation, and the group's enviable precision."

Diana Ferreira in Público - 14/11/2011


The beautiful statement Ludovice Ensemble


"The musicians of Ensemble Ludovice and the baritone Hugo Oliveira deliver a vision of this repertoire characterized by a high integrity and a remarkable refinement, which attest a work of deep reflection on the pieces and their context. What is probably the most striking in this first disc - generous in every way - is the excellent level of the instrumental performance, which combines an extremely rigorous preparation with a very objective intuition of the repertoire. The musicians, all possessing an unquestionable technical strength, flow very naturally across the requirements of these pieces - all very French in spirit - restoring the nobility of tone and preserving their suitable sense, while never forgetting to infuse them with vigour and drama, indispensable to prevent that the works remain at a stage of perfectly chiselled engravings, but hopelessly frozen. The instrumentalists are attentive while accompanying the voice - to which they provide a frame, transparent enough to let it blossom but sufficiently dense and responsive to offer support and dialogue - but their qualities are even more evident in the three Concerts by Dornel, delivered with a liveliness that does not exclude the tenderness, full of contrasts and colours, and that makes you longing for more.

A disc in which we feel clearly that all the artists - encouraged by Fernando Miguel Jalôto's direction, characterized by great intelligence and indisputable sensitivity (and who also shows a great inventiveness at the harpsichord) - invested as much enthusiasm as heart in this performance, and manage to transmit to the listener, without difficulty, their happiness in reviving the drama of these elegant jewels of the chamber music repertoire. This first recording, courageous and chiefly successful, establishes Ludovice Ensemble as a group to follow with great interest, and we hope to meet them soon, performing this repertoire that suits them perfectly, or other kinds of music - since it's highly likely that their spirit of research will carry us in the near future to some exciting discoveries."

Jean-Christophe Pucek in Passée des Arts - 11/04/2012

Delicious and original program impeccably revealed by the young Portuguese ensemble


Delicious and original program. This small world, codified, gallant and domestic hides an enchantment that the young Portuguese ensemble - formed at The Hague Conservatory and a champion of the Dutch style -impeccably reveals. Pulp, sweetness, light, all the essential qualities already leave nothing to be desired. The baritone Hugo Oliveira cherishes his vocal style and targets. Sensitive, he distinguishes the "sad despite" of the "eternal torment", and doesn't spare himself to stick to its theme - the thwarted love.

Ivan A. Alexandre in Diapason - 05/2012

Ludovice Ensemble's French infatuations


 "The Ludovice Ensemble has followed a very consistent path, demonstrated by a number of high-quality concerts, and gives now its first steps towards internationalization - an objective that its first CD for the label Ramée will help to achieve. Miguel Jalôto leads a basso continuo team that shows great cohesion and stylistic affinity with this repertoire, and Joana Amorim shares a flexible and elegant interpretation, highlighting the dance influences of the music. The whole work is excellent; but the heart of the CD are definitely the three Cantatas and the voice of Hugo Oliveira, who places his technical versatility, a subtle art of phrasing and incisive dramatic sense at the service of the text content, and the musicality of the language itself. The full program is very rewarding, conveying a wide range of emotions, and filled with refinement, good taste and a deep knowledge of the French Baroque interpretative codes. The CD also includes excellent program-notes by Miguel Jalôto."

Cristina Fernandes in Público - 08/02/2012

Cantatas: how they should be done


"The Portuguese baritone Hugo Oliveira and the Baroque chamber group Ludovice Ensemble, from Lisbon, perform their cantatas with great nobility, and with eagerness of detail".

Marc Vignal in Musikzen - 23/02/2012


A performance remarkable for it's balance and sensitivity


"Victims of oblivion, these many works are largely unknown, and one can only welcome Ludovice Ensemble and Hugo Oliveira's initiative; their performance is remarkable for it's balance and sensitivity. In a very subjective way, I especially recall Philippe Courbois's "Orpheus", his fourth cantata for solo voice and violin. The music is of sublime purity."

Danielle Anex-Cabanis in Utmisol - 02/2012

Johann Friedrich Ludwig [Ludovice]



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